Who to see at the CDN

Medical Specialist Paediatricians

Our medical specialists take referrals for children of all ages, and all types of developmental and behavioural problems. Doctors can help you understand

  • whether there is a problem or not
  • if there is a problem, what type of problem and how serious it is
  • the medical reasons for the problem (and whether your child is likely to grow out of it)
  • the types of interventions that are most likely to be successful (and what is not likely to help)
  • the role of medical tests (such as MRI)
  • the role of medical treatments (such as medications)

Medical doctors can also advocate for your child, and provide support for you over time as your child grows up.

The waiting list for our doctors problematically long, however, so it may help to see another professional at the CDN while you are waiting to see the paediatrician. Below are some of the options to do this.

Psycho-educational Assessment

If you have concerns about your child’s development in the following areas, you may wish to make an appointment to see the psychologist, Lee Hearn.

  • Learning difficulties and disabilities
  • Attention problems
  • Emotional control
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Social skills
  • Behaviour

Lee is able to assess a wide range of developmental difficulties in children and can help with development of an intervention and management plan tailored to your child’s special needs.

Emotional, behavioural and mental health problems

For children of all ages, if the main concern is with your child's emotional wellbeing, mental health and/or behaviour, this is recognised by the government as a mental health disorder. This means that you are eligible for a Medicare rebate for your visits with a psychologist. Alison Bocquee is our psychologist wheo specialises in this type of work.

You do not need to have a referral from a medical specialist to make an appointment to see Lee, but to be eligible for the Medicare rebate, we recommend you get a medical referral. If this is from your GP, they need to fill out a GP Mental Health Care Plan for you to be eligible for this rebate.


Reading and Literacy Problems

At the CDN we are fortunate to have a specialist in Reading Disability, Jason McGowan . If your main concern is literacy (reading, spelling), we recommend you organise an initial consultation with Jason.

Jason can assess the extent and cause of any reading problems, and provide advice regarding what he, and other members of our group, are able to offer. Jason's website is www.literacycare.com


If you are not sure about what other assessments may be helpful, or who would be best for you to see, please either call us (07) 3369 3369, or email .